Viktor's Wolfenstein Awards



Here are the winners of VWA(Viktor's Wolfenstein Award)!!


Best wolfenstein TC's:

1: Spifferaneous for: Western wall

2:Nate Smith for: Beyond wolfenstein 2 se.

3:Ben Blaufarb(dla_one) for:Operation Panzerschiff


Best wolfenstein pages:

1: Brian Lowe for:Mr Lowe's wolfenstein page

2:Kenny Riley for:The wolfenstein mansion

3:Brandon Farmer for: Source code help message board


Best levels:

1:Brian Lowe for:his wolfbel sets

2:Barry Christian for: Armageddon

3:Nate Smith for: Schabbs Resurrection


Best graphics:

1:Spifferaneous for: all his graphics

2:Nate smith for: all his graphics too

3:And even Chris Chokan for:all his funny graphics in Chokage


Best on Source code

1:Nate smith


3:Florian Stöhr(for the fog in megademo)



Best Editors

1:Florian Stöhr for:Flo-edit

2:Bill kirby for:Wolfedit

3:David Huntoon, Bryan baker and Warren Buss for:Mapedit


Best Shareware add-ons

1:Ben Blaufarb(still dla_one) for:NEO wolf

2:Blackadder for Barneystein

3:Spifferaneous for:schoolenstein



The most helping and non egoistic guys:

1:Scott Croneberger

2:Brian Lowe



That Was all winners, Maybe, I will update this, maybe not!!




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