Untergehende Traum (Crumbling Dream)

by The first real Wolfenstein 3D Group Project



Notes by Parafriction

After completing The Final Solution, I played around with an idea to make the spirit a little higher in the Wolfenstein Community. I believed it was time for something new, but I couldn't figure out what. Then my dad gave me the idea to start up a group project. As I believe now, I'm now the coordinator of the project. Untergehende Traum, which means Crumbling Dream, will be a 20-level TC with level and graphics design close to the original Wolfenstein, be it more realistic. So far there are 9 members:



Samuel Chiang

Steve Walley (AReyeP)

Eric Vaughn

Kenny Riley

Leo Bourbeau (I believe, I don't know his last name)

Ian Franken

Scott Croneberger


And me, of course. As you see, there still aren't enough members. So everyone who'd like to, mail to parafriction@yahoo.com! Provide in detail with what you could help out, and when you can begin. Note: Everyone who mails me, will automatically be a member, don't worry.




Spring, 1945.


The Nazi war machine, once an all conquering force sweeping through Europe, is on its knees as the Allied forces penetrate the German Fatherland.


The Allied High Command, confident that their current rate of advance through German territory will see Berlin fall in the coming weeks, prepares to put the plans for their final assault into action. The sense of urgency, so prevalent in the days when the Reich had the upper hand, has subsided. Though caution must be exercised, and all available force utilised, the Allies know victory is at hand.


Or is it?


You are William Joseph "B.J." Blazkowicz, terminal action seeker and hero of the Allied cause. Your exploits during the war are the stuff that legends are made of. Capturing the "Spear of Destiny", and thereby denying Hitler a decided psychological advantage when the Reich was at its peak.


Escaping from Castle Wolfenstein and eliminating key members of the Nazi hierarchy in the process, including the maniacal Dr. Schabbs. You'd even assaulted Hitler's own stronghold, and taken on who you had believed was Adolf himself, but the cunning Fuhrer, resourceful as ever, had substituted a double in his place. Still, to say you'd put a dent in the Nazi's schemes was an understatement.


As the end of the war appears imminent, the somewhat "relaxed" attitude adopted by many of the Allied hierarchy has not escaped your attention. Concerned that this matter needs to be addressed, you have arranged to meet with the top Allied boy himself, Commander in Chief of Allied Forces, General Henry Lee Jackson, stationed in a fortified bunker not far from liberated Paris.


As you enter the General's office, you snap to attention and salute. "Ahhh, B.J. Blazkowicz," acknowledges the General. Pointing to a seat, he adds, "Sit down, my boy, sit down..." As you take your seat, the General lights a cigar, and, puffing thoughtfully, asks: "Now B.J., what is it I can do for you?"


"General Jackson," you reply, "I'm concerned that overconfidence could create a problem in these final weeks. I was just wanting to seek your assurance that you'd ensure there is absolutely no let up whatsoever in the aggressiveness of the Allied attacks until this war is over."


The General smiled. "Thank you for your concern, B.J., but rest assured, all is under control". "General", you replied, "with all due respect, you've only been in command for just under a month now. It's not like you've been running this invasion from day one, you know..."


An impatient look came over the General's face. "B.J.", he said, "You needn't concern yourself with this. I can assure you that, since I took command after General Ridley was poisoned last month, Allied Command is more alert than ever".


"Well, that's good to hear. Still, with my experience behind enemy lines, I was thinking that maybe I should infiltrate Berlin and ascertain what resistance our boys are likely to encounter".


"Do you think we are incompetent?" snapped the General. "We know the enemy movements, what's left of them, better than they probably do themselves. No incursion by you will be of any help at all, B.J., besides, you've already done enough to help the Allied cause. You'd only be interfering. In other words, I'm giving you an order, B.J., stay out of it. I can assure you that victory will be ours!"


Accepting the General's response, you stand back to attention, salute, and bid him farewell.


As you leave the office, General Jackson stubs out his cigar. "Damn you Blazkowicz," he muttered quietly to himself. "I wish eliminating you could be as easy as poisoning Ridley had been". He turned to face the plans on the table opposite. Plans he'd carefully prepared for the last few weeks since he'd taken command.


Ahh, yes, the Fuhrer would be pleased. The Allied armies were walking straight into a beautifully prepared ambush. General Henry Lee Jackson, a loyal Nazi better known to the Fuhrer by his birth name of Heinrich Jäger, had worked hard for the Reich in attaining the position of Commander in Chief of the Allied Forces. Years of pretending to be loyal to the Allied dogs had been difficult. But the rewards were not far away.


"Yes, B.J.," he muttered to himself again, "I didn't lie to you. Victory WILL be ours. Not yours, but OURS! Heil Hitler!"


The General's biggest mistake, though, was allowing you, B.J. Blazkowicz, to leave. Something just didn't seem right. You couldn't quite put a finger on it. But you knew you couldn't sit back and ignore it.


Damn what the General had ordered. You'd made up your mind. Looks like it was time for B.J. to pay Uncle Adolf a visit to make sure the Allied armies weren't going to receive a nasty reception!


2 Days Later:

Berlin - Hitler's bunker:


The message expected from General "Jackson" had finally arrived. As a result, following direct orders from the Fuhrer, German forces positioned themselves strategically around the Reichstag and surrounding areas to greet the unsuspecting Allied armies. The ambush they had prepared would be devastating.


The last thing they needed was B.J. Blazkowicz to come sniffing around...



Level 1 Felsendampf Geheimtunnel

When you arrive at an abandoned house near the Reichstag, you find the entrance to a tunnel leading to the cellars of the Reichstag. You must enter the eerie, damp, dark tunnel in order to get inside the cellars of the Reichstag.


Levels 2-3 Reichstag Cellars

These cellars are lightly guarded by SS and Hitlerjugend. Be careful not to get lost in the many pilestocking-areas. They may seem to be exact the same;


Levels 4-6 Lobby/Main halls

Via the elevator you get inside the Reichstag Lobby. Finally a chance to see what's still left of the once beautiful chapel. Be warned - besides Nazi architecture there are also various SS, HitlerJugend and Gestapo waiting for you!


Levels 7-10: NSDAP Conference Floors

This is the most high-class area of the Reichstag. On these floors Hitler conferenced with his party, the NSDAP. It is now a place where the officers hide. These levels have as common enemies the quick and speedy Gestapo officers, so be warned to stay covered!


Level 11: Felsendampf Geheimtunnel 2

Back in the tunnel. Hitler didn't seem to be in the Reichstag, so it's time to turn in the direction you couldn't access on forehand: the tunnel part leading to the Führungbunker. This part of the tunnel is guarded by various SS and HitlerJugend.


This tunnel seems just like the original tunnel backwards, but when you get to the part where you couldn't enter on first hand, it'll get harder and uneasier to follow. After all, Uncle Adolf doesn't want any unwelcome visitors, does he?


Level 12: The Führerbunker

This is it -- Here you'll face the Fuhrer himself. But before you can get to him, you'll have to navigate through the bunker, which is guarded by many SS and Gestapo. Be prepared -- you're in for the fight of your life.


Architectal Notice: This level is made upon an actual blueprint of the Führerbunker. Believe it or not, it was made from a blueprint from a book about the Second World War. So be sure to visit a place that did existed -- all right all right, it looked different, but the architecture was the same in World War II.


Levels 13-15: Old Reichstag

This part of the Reichstag was the old chansellor's conference area. Here, 20 meters below the fundaments of the Reichstag, the secret conferences between the chansellor and the generals were held back in World War I. Today it's guarded by a few of the Allied Forces' "turncoats": deserters now on the Axis' side.


Level 16: Horst Grosse's Den

Originally the old chansellor's dressing room, this dark and eerie place is now ruled by Horst Grosse, close friend of the Fuhrer and companion of Heinrich Jäger. His domain is that where you'll find out where Heinrich Jäger is hiding.


Levels 17-19: Reichstag Upper Floors

These floors will eventually lead you to the roof, where Heinrich Jäger is waiting for you. Be warned -- These are the most heavy guarded floors of the entire Reichstag.


Level 20: Reichstag Roof

All right now, it's time to salute Mr. Jackson on the military way -- swapping some lead into his head. Beat this guy and your mission is complete.


Here's some shots of the current framework for the game. (don't look at the level numbers, they're just concept maps). The status bar was designed by Steve Walley (AReyeP). BJ's sleeves and the Reichswehr-enemy (replaces the Mutant) are drawn by Parafriction. The rock texture (of level 5) was designed by Eric Vaughn.

Again, anyone who'd like to help out, please do so. Thanks.



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