I just received the following letter from Todd Hollenshead, CEO of Id Software:


Your site at: http://wolf3d.gamehosts.com/bw/index2.shtml and the games entitled "Beyond Wolfenstein" and "Beyond Wolfenstein 2" that are distributed from it are real problems from a copyright and trademark standpoint.

You need to cease distribution of all id content from your site immediately unless you have a specific license for redistribution of such material. You also need to inform other sites which "mirror" your files section to remove the files and cease future downloads as soon as possible.

I understand that you're a fan of the games, which is really the only reason you're not getting a real nasty letter from me or our lawyers right now. I think you must be confused as to what is permitted with respect to distribution of our property and specifically the Wolf 3D engine.

Succinctly, we have publicly released the *source code* to Wolfenstein 3D. We have not released any of the art or other game media. Redistribution of such media is copyright infringement. Using the "ID" logo and "Wolfenstein 3D", both of which are registered trademarks, with such redistribution constitutes trademark infringement. The sounds that you are distributing also most likely infringe on the copyrights of Bobby Prince, the creator and owner of such sounds.

These are all very serious issues which can't be over looked just because you aren't charging for the game or didn't intend anyone harm, etc.

Please contact me via return email immediately and confirm that you will immediately cease distribution of "Beyond Wolfenstein", "Beyond Wolfenstein 2", and any other project that contains our intellectual property and that you will instruct any site that mirrors your files to also cease such distribution.

Please note that nothing herein shall constitute a waiver of any potential remedy available to Id Software, Inc., and as such, we reserve all rights and remedies available to us at law or otherwise.


Todd Hollenshead


id Software, Inc.


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