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Aug - Dec 1999



December 25, 1999.

Merry Christmas everybody! We lost the Hamez page this week, but in its place comes 2 new ones. They are Wolfenstein 3D Games Page, and OleMann's Wolfenstein 3-D Website. TerminX has taken over the Project X (Duke Nukem) page, where you can download the new Project X demo.

Meuchelmord (Assassination) is a nine level set by a guy named Joey (his first set). It's for the registered game. This is a very well designed set, and will especially suit those who prefer the original scenarios. Fairly difficult to play. Find it here.

Merijn Heijnen posted Screamstein 2000. This is for the shareware version of Wolf3D. There's some excellent new graphics and 5 new levels, including the secret one. Find it at MH's Wolf3d add-ons.


A secret area from the secret level.

December 18, 1999.

Andrew's SOD Cheats/Codes page has gone, but we gained a page too. It's by dla-one and is called Wolfenstein Plus. It's very well designed and has news, features, etc. There's also a download section.

I posted a new levels set called Rotzi, which was sent in to me by Ronny Zeitz. This has 8 new levels including all 6 Boss levels, episode two - level 4, and the sixth secret level. The remaining levels are from W3D_cc1. Ronny tells me he plans to do a TC, with the title likely to be Escape From SS Prison.

  A. Nonymous converted two early shareware Wolf3D sets to version 1.4. They are Wlfset14 (previously called WlfsetII - a difficult to play set, but in some ways similar to the original), and Wlfnewgr2 (a slightly naughty graphics only set).


December 11, 1999

Here's an oddity I recently noticed from level 8 of The Nazi's Ride Again. On the east side of the level is a long passageway which has wooden walls. Mostly, that is, for there's a red brick section which juts out and shouldn't be there. This is a shareware set, mostly done by Spifferaneous, but I did this particular level. Oh well...

Doomsten was recently deleted from my registered levels section. It seems that the levels were from one of Barry C.'s sets and the graphics are the same as in the Doom set. Thanks to A. Nonymous for pointing this out.

I posted an updated version of WolfBel3. Episode 4 has been completed and it now has 40 new levels.

Screenshot from level 27.


The Wolfenstein 3D Lair , one of the main Wolf3D sites for the MAC, now has a section for the PC. There's info on the game and a list of links.

Here's a new Total Conversion called Operation Buzz Bomb. It doesn't need the registered set. Just unzip it in a new folder, and it's ready to play. It comes from Luke Strauman, who provided the following information.


It's 1942. You just found out that General Burlin Loach stole blue prints from the USA, and is preparing to create a Bomb which can destroy all of South and North America. Burlin is calling this OPERATION BUZZ BOMB. Your mission is to go to Brumard Castle and eliminate Burlin Loach before Hitler recovers the blue prints. Good Luck.

Source code changes:

If you are wondering why it's only 1 to 10 levels. It's because this is my first add-on, and I want to see how it will do first. Also, another add-on is in progress. It's called Wolfenstein 2000.

Luke Strauman.


December 4, 1999

Poet's Wolfenstein Page has been updated recently. A list of links has been added, and there's a lengthy tutorial on making levels.

Nate Smith issued Beyond Wolfenstein II (Special Edition). There's even more modified graphics, more exe changes and more levels than before. It's a pretty good set overall. Available here.

THE sliver gave his first Site of the Month award to me. He's spent a lot of time on his own site though and, as I said last week, it now looks very professional.

Wolf3D for the Unreal Engine has moved. It's now at www.planetunreal.com.

I have finally gotten round to installing a Site Search utility on my page. After spending a day or two fine tuning it, the frames and non-frames versions now operate more or less independently.

Site Search


November 28, 1999.

Flo (of FloEdit) has issued MegaDemo. There are examples of new sprites, walls, enemies and sounds . It has six new levels.

Escape From The Labyrinth v0.9b has eleven new levels for the registered Wolf3D set. They're similar in many respects to the originals but quite mazy at times, hence the title. Jordan, who did this set, tells me that he has more levels and other changes planned. For more info and the download, check out his Wolf page. Also available here.

The Wolfenstein 3-D Domain has a new banner:

THE sliver Wolf page has seen a lot of changes recently. It looks very professional and has a news section which is updated daily.  

There's news of the Xatrix project Castle Wolfenstein 2000. Maybe we will get a new Wolfenstein after all this time. It's scheduled for completion by the end of year 2000.

Maarten Pinxten, has sent me a new ten level demo for registered Wolf3D. It's called MPwolf, and he tells me he'll make more levels if he gets a favourable response. These are very well designed and nicely decorated levels. Maarten has not changed any graphics. He prefers the originals, as I do.

I have now completed 37 levels of WolfBel3, and I'm halfway through another. Here's a screenshot:

When I finish 40 levels, I'll issue a new set.

Thomas Hubert has issued a 2 level demo of his new set Behind The Lines. Thomas tells me the set will have ten new levels. It needs the registered set to play.


November 21, 1999.

SPDedit is a map editor specifically made for the Spear demo set, by K. van den Helm.

It also works with all versions of Wolf 3D, but not with the Spear full version.


November 14, 1999.

Maarten's Gamorama has been updated. This site caters for many first person shooters including Doom. There's a Spear/Wolfenstein3D section, and a lot of cheats.

The big news this week must be the general release of FloEdit, a multi-purpose editing tool for Wolfenstein 3D and Spear. This has been a massive project, involving many beta testers.

Here's just a small sample of what it can do:


November 7, 1999.

The most talked about add-on for some time is Project Totengraeber, the first half of a new TC by BJ Rowan.

Project TotengraeferThere's well designed levels here (27), lots of new graphics and sounds, plus a changed exe.

The second half of this project is well under way. There's more info on this, plus the download, at BJ Rowan's Wolfenstein Bunker.


The Wolfenstein 3D Mansion (Yahoo fan club) didn't last long. It has now closed down. A number of Wolf3D pages have gone too. These are All About Games, Don 8000, the 3D Level Center and Tools for Wolf 3D.

Red Alert This is a new shareware set from Merijn Heijnen. There's six new levels and some new graphics here. Action takes place in the 50's in a KGB building. And there's a new red guard who talks in Russian. Get it from MH's Wolf3d add-ons.

I posted CMapset1 on my server as the original site it was on has closed down. This is a shareware set with original graphics, but has good layout and style.

Five new levels of the second part of my WolfBel3 set have been completed.

Due to a recurring viral infection, which I've had for a few months now, the levels aren't being made as fast as I'd like. It'll get there eventually, I hope.


Wolf-Extra is a new four episode set (1 - 3, and 6) by Paal Olstad. There's also a bonus level on episode 4. This set will suit those looking for good level design rather than sensational graphics, although some modified graphics are included. The levels are similar in style to the original Wolfenstein, though they tend to be more difficult.

Rumours are rife again about a new Castle Wolfenstein 2000 from ID Software. B. J. Blazcovick's Hideout has more news on this.  


October 17, 1999.

2nd.zip, with 20 new consecutive levels and some new graphics, has been completed by Ken O'Brien. BJ Rowan made the exe file. This set is the second in a series from Ken and is subtitled On the Trail of Schabbs. It requires the registered Wolfenstein 3D set to play. Here's a screenshot:

2nd.zip screenshot.

October 10, 1999.

Three new add-ons have surfaced recently. These are 1st.zip (for Spear), Ultimate Wolfenstein and Hitler's Reign (for Wolfenstein 3D).

The Sliver homepage has recently moved to a new URL. It has many new features, including items, weapons, hints and an on-line manual. THE sliver

The Wolfenstein 3D Mansion has a new logo. Here it is:

Finally, here's a new award for my page. It was given by Kennyr12, who manages the fan club mentioned above. 


September 26, 1999.

Two new Yahoo clubs have been started this week. They are:

Source Code Zone Club Share your interests in the Wolf3D Source Code. Founded by Chris Chokan.

The Wolfenstein 3D Mansion Post comments, questions, or just talk about Wolfenstein. Founded by Kennyr12.


Angel of Death is a new TC being made for the MAC. Slayer tells me that it's gonna be available for the PC too. Details here.

The following games sites have been added to my Other Games section on my main page.

Gem's Games Freeware, shareware and demos.

Jumbo Games galore.


Finally, I 've just been given The official Marty Award. It's a new idea by Marty Beltran. Here it is:




September 12, 1999.

Ken O'Brien sent me new levels for the registered Spear set. There's some new graphics too. The set is called SOD1 and can be downloaded here. Here's a screenshot from the first level: 


Upcoming add-ons:

Kurt is working on a new add-on called Return To Wolfenstein. Click here for more details.

Titus II has just completed his TC called Ultimate Wolfenstein. I am one of a number of Wolf3D fans currently testing out the beta version. This set has a number of new features:

New ceiling colours

New episode names

Whole new cast of enemies

Schabbs made stronger

Ability to have 150 bullets

New order of songs

There are 50 new levels (episodes 4 and 6 have 5 each). From what I've seen thus far, this looks very promising indeed.

Nate's Beyond Wolfenstein II Page moved recently. You can access it here: Beyond Wolfenstein II.


August 29, 1999.


New this week is Graphics Set 3. It's another set of 50 wall designs, by Ken O'Brien. The brick walls have been changed. For Wolfenstein 3-D and Spear. GIF format.

Ben Blaufarb issued his new TC for Wolfenstein 3D. It's called Operation: Panzerschiff and has nearly 30 new levels, plus a lot of new graphics. Here's a screenshot:

 For more info and the download, click here.


August 22, 1999.


I completed 2 more levels for WolfBel3, and the guy who gave me the first 14 levels for this set has started to edit some more. When the new levels reach 30, I'll issue a demo.

Thomas Hubert has issued a demo of his new set Close Combat. There's 2 new levels, the first and the secret one, and some new graphics. The set will be extended later. Here's a screenshot:

You can get Close Combat here.


Most of the discussion on the Wolf 3D Fan Club this week centered around using the Source Code. Interesting, but...

I just received an email from a guy working on a new Wolfenstein 3D TC set. It's called Eat At Joe's, and there's a lot of info on the new project at this url.


August 15, 1999.


First off, there are 4 new add-ons to report. All require the Wolfenstein 3D registered set to play.

1) MMS (Marty's Masterpiece Set) - Just one level, but it's a good one, and no new graphics. To be extended. (Marty Beltran)

2) Operation Termination - Some new graphics. (Marty Beltran)


3) Screamstein - A new one level demo. Also has a lot of new graphics. Scary. (Merijn Heijnen)


4) Nurnberg - Eleven new levels (these are listed in the text file supplied), and 6 new bosses. (Merijn Heijnen)

Here's a pic of the new bosses.


All the above sets are listed (with links to download them), in the registered section of my main Wolfenstein 3D site - Mr. Lowe's Wolfenstein 3D Page.

I'm still here!


Kurt is back and has a brand new Wolf page. It's called Project Wolfenstein.


Marty Beltran has come up with a new idea. He's repackaged 3 of his sets into one new ZIP. The set's called Marty's Funpack #1. It contains Beltran, Wolfenstein Part 2 and MMS. It's available here.


Ken O'Brien recently sent me a graphics package containing no less than 83 different gifs, mainly new wall designs, for use with Wolfenstein 3D and Spear. Get it here.


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