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September 30, 2001.

New Wolf is an upcoming 15 level TC by Bobby Bucksnort. Many of the levels are already done, but a lot of work still needs to be done with the source code. It should be ready within a month.

There's a couple more pics here.

Fred Kenny is making a new VSWAP for WolfUSA. This will have a lot more variation in the wall designs than the current version.

September 28, 2001.

Bobby Bucksnort has released The Heinmakker Project. There are five new levels and a number of graphics, sounds and source code changes. Bobby worked on this with his late grandfather John, and it's turned out to be a very good set.

Fred Kenny has released yet another new VSWAP to go with the maps from Wolffred. (The new maps were on episode three). This one is called WolfUSA, and is meant as a tribute to those who perished in the recent terrorist tragedies in the USA. It looks quite effective at first, however, as all the walls have the same red, white and blue colours, they can become quite monotonous after a while.

As with Fred's earlier sets, the full version of Wolf 3D is needed to play this one.

September 27, 2001.

The Thirteenth Floor is a new add-on for the full version of Wolf 3D. There are 6 new levels, including the secret one. If you like mazes, then you'll like this set as there's quite a few here. No new graphics and sounds but the author plans to update these, and include many other features, in an upcoming set (see the text file for more info).

You can download it at Wolf 3D Disaster Zone. You can also get it here. Requires the full version of 'Wolf 3D' to play.

September 23, 2001.

Matt Dadi has asked Florian Stöhr (creator of FloEdit) about a program to convert the palettes from Corridor 7, Operation: Body Count, Blake Stone, etc to Wolf 3D. Florian has said he'd check it out when time allows, so maybe we'll have this feature in FloEdit. Thanks Matt for this info.

For Mac users, my Mac/links page has been updated. Four new links have been added, and four taken out.

September 16, 2001.

The Wolf3D community suffered a huge loss yesterday with the sad news that John Bucksnort has passed away. John and I exchanged many emails during the last few years and we became very good friends. John loved making add-ons and provided us with so many good ones. We will all miss him very much. My condolences go to John's grandson Bobby Bucksnort and his family in what must be a very difficult time for them. Bobby told me he intends to carry on John's good work, and I feel sure everyone will support him in this.

Pablo Dictter has released one last level for Wolf3D episode 2 called The Last Floor. Though it's only one level, it is a good one.

Pablo will now be concentrating on his DoomCenter site. Good luck, Pablo.

September 15, 2001.

Games For Solaris (Solaris seems to be a Russian operating system) is by Vitaly Filatov and has a section dedicated to Wolf 3D/Spear. It's in Russian and English.

Parafriction has started Neophytes of Wolf and Spear. Hopefully, it'll be 4th time lucky for this new Yahoo Club. As many of you may know, the first three Neophyte clubs were deleted by one of the founders or by somebody knowing the password of one of the founders. Good luck with this one Parafriction!!

September 12, 2001.

John Bucksnort has released the first part of his latest Spear add-on So You Want To Be An Assassin. There are three new well designed levels, plus many graphics, sounds and source code changes. For copyright reasons, John has left out the audiot and audiohead files so the full version of Spear is required. Here's a pic I made, but there are other pics John made earlier.

September 9, 2001.

Here's another Yahoo Club Wolf3D BlakeStone Duke!! It's been started by Ryan and deals mainly with the source code.

Ryan now has a website, and it's at Ryan's Wolfenstein 3D Site. There are links, pics, downloads and other info.

Planet Executor is a new site by Viper (now known as Executor). It's not Wolf 3D specific and is still under construction, but there's a lot there already. You can download The Road To Despair add-on from there.

For fans of Blake Stone, Guy Brys has updated his Guystone set and it now has 5 new episodes. You can download it at Guy's Home Page.

September 8, 2001.

So that it can be stored on floppies, I posted Cuetips Revenge in two parts, Part1 and Part2. See under Sept 1 for the single zip version and info on the set.

If anyone's interested in the Acorn version of the game, here's what the front cover looks like!!

There's a full size pic of the back cover here. Powerslave released this version in 1994, under licence from id software.

Hellbaron's Doom2 and Wolf3-D Lair is a new site featuring both the games mentioned. There are many sections in each, including downloads, links and lots of other info.

Here's an email from WDOS (now Ion Blade)...

Hello all!

I have got a lot of news.

First, now I'm not WDOS, now I'm Ion Blade.

Second, why I didn't send anything for long time. My e-mail server now can't send mails to Wolfenstein 3D News.

Third, I've done 80% of Operation: Prison Runner (beta 0.10). Previous betas (0.01, 0.02, 0.03, 0.04) weren't public.

Fourth, I need two kinds of help: help with sounds and music, and help with source code: where is code of opening locked doors. My mail: wdos@narod.ru.


-Ion Blade


P.S. if wdos@narod.ru won't work, send the mail to ion_blade@mail.ru.

Thanks for the above info, Ion Blade. Good luck with the project.

September 2, 2001.

Fred Kenny has released Fredwolf. This is basically Fred's Wolffred set with new wall designs, but the feel of the game has changed entirely. The futuristic atmosphere has been replaced with a fun type one. The maps are as in Wolffred, ie - new levels on episode three with some alterations to the other episodes.

As with the earlier set, the full version of Wolf 3D is needed to play this one.

Tom's Wolf 3D Page is new and has links, plus some downloads and pics. It's still under construction though and more features will be added later. Here's Tom's banner, and also an award he gave me.

Tom's Wolf 3D Page

Thanks Tom for the award. It's appreciated!!

September 1, 2001.

Cuetips Revenge was sent to me by Steven L. Pappas. There's lots of new graphics/sounds, and the bitmaps and wav files of these are included in the zip. There's also a changed exe file. All 60 levels are there but apart from some extra guards in the opening level they are unchanged. Good for those who like fun sets.

I added Wolfenstein 3-D shareware version 1.1 to my 'shareware levels' page. It's now available here, but you can also find it at ftp.std.com.

Chris Chokan has updated Wolfenstein World Records. For those into high scores and fast times - this is the place to visit.

Hiscores Hall of Fame

Andrew Alexandris has released a four level beta version of his upcoming set Operation Kingpin. The first three levels are pretty good, though the fourth one needs more work and may not be included in the final version. There are changed graphics and sounds too. Some are from Escape From SS Prison which I did with Ronny Zeitz.

ps - that new gun is an AUTOMATIC-GERMAN MAGNUM.

August 24, 2001.

I've posted Brandon R. Farmer's Wolf3DFix. This is a utility which may help those who have problems running Wolfenstein 3D with Windows. Please read the instructions in the text file before using it. Brandon's site is at Brandon's Wolfenstein 3-D Page.

Operation: Scorpion is a new TC by 'Tornado' and 'Waterdog' (Sniper Studios). There are 60 new levels, though most are not that large. The following info comes from the text file included in the zip:


Operation: Scorpion is meant to be played on the third or fourth difficulty level.


The first difficulty level is insanely easy.

You can download it here. All files are included.

August 22, 2001.

Pablo Dictter is working on a new site at a new url, but meanwhile some of his add-ons are still available at Pablo's Place - Wolfenstein Site. Also, for those who don't have it yet, I've posted Pablo's four level add-on for Spear, which is called Chemical Reaction. The original full version of 'Spear of Destiny' is required.

August 19, 2001.

Merijn Heijnen's page is now partially restored at MH's Wolf3d add-ons. Most of Merijn's add-ons can now be accessed from here.

Good news on the add-on front this week. First off is Operation: - Kill BJ by Richard Kelly. All sixty levels are new and are of a high standard. There are no new objects but there are many interesting new wall designs. Needs the full version to play, but follow the instructions in the text file included.

Another new set is 5th by Pablo Dictter. This has five new levels on episode three. There are no new graphics, but for those who prefer the originals - this is another very good effort from Pablo. Needs the full version to play.

Finally, Parafriction has released phase one of The Final Solution v3.0 TFS 3.0 beta. All files are included.

Parafriction says more work needs to be done on this set, but already there's lots of new graphics and source code features.

August 16, 2001.

Here's a message from Sam Feichter...

Hey all!

I have some good news!

I now have my own website!


Although I will be posting my add-ons there first, I will be sending them to this site as well, as I get them finished. (come on James, hurry up....)

But, in my news, Heil Hitler! is being edited right now. Episode 1 will be completed soon. Gorenstein 2 is being held back until my source code is finished. (James....)


Visit my site at:



Sam's Site

Until next time...


August 12, 2001.

Here's a message from John Bucksnort...

Effective 8-15-2001, my website url will be http://www.geocities.com/john_bucksnort/index.html. I have been having difficulty with the namezero, folks, because they can't seem to give me email service, so i am doing away with the domain thing for now. Please update your link sections.

Thank you, Tom.

James Ingham would also like links to his page changed. This one should be http://jamesingham.cjb.net.

Even more on page links, some of you may be aware that the link to Merijn Heijnen's page has not been working for some time. I emailed Merijn about this and he said his site should be up again soon. The link will be updated when I get the new url.

Daniel Berry has posted a new Wolfenstein 3D site. No new downloads here, but there's a lot of info and pics.

Mr. Berry's Wolf3D Site

It's called Mr. Berry's Wolfenstein 3D Site.

August 11, 2001.

Fred Kenny has released Wolffred. There are 10 new levels on episode three which I helped Fred complete. All episodes have been included because they've all been changed in some way by Fred, particularly episode one. The graphics are mainly from Astrostein and WolfNuck, though several of the actors come from other sources:

The Machine gun is from Wolfnuck, and the chaingun is the WAND from Eat at Joe's. The two lowest treasures are from Astrostein, and the crowns have been changed to the former 1ups.

Credit is given to the authors of the sets mentioned.

You can download it here. The full version of Wolfenstein 3D is needed to play this set.

August 5, 2001.

Here's a message from Parafriction...

Seeing that the previous chat didn't work out the way it should and I kept getting problems logging in - I think I didn't make it in right - I've decided to do a new chat. On Monday the 6th of August 2001 there'll be a new Source Code Chat again at http://www.gebweb.co.uk/chat.htm.

The problems yesterday with the chat server are now resolved, and we have a better looking, easier-to-read chatroom too!

Here are the times (a little earlier so everyone can go there without momma shouting it's bedtime ;)

I see that some of you need to get up early, but then... it'll be worth it. Plus you will then have the whole day to get up to your code.

Rules: You are allowed to ask personal questions. We WON'T speak about the deletion of the Neophyte clubs. It's done. We don't have a suspect or whatsoever. It's over. OK? Secondly, you ARE allowed to ask about stuff that's in an unreleased add-on. That's okay. Plus, I'm counting on you ALL to come!

In short:







Login, using any nickname, to http://www.gebweb.co.uk/chat.htm.


Parafriction's Neophytes Yahoo Club is back for a third time. It's now called Neophytes Of Wolf3D. Hopefully, this one will stay.

Mrlard2000man has taken over The Wolfenstein 3D Vault.

The Wolfenstein 3-D Vault

This is already an excellent site, but if there's anything new you'd like to see included please email Mrlard at webmaster@wolfenvault.s5.com.

Results from James' Wolfenstein 3D Awards 2001 have been announced by James Ingham. There were 7 categories, I won 2 and Parafriction won 3, including Best add-on (congratulations, Parafriction!!).

Mr. Lowe's

Best Creator

The Best Fan Club award went to the SPEAR OF DESTINY FAN CLUB, while Pablo's Place - Wolfenstein Site took the Best New Wolf3-D Site award. You can see the full results at James Wolfenstein 3-D Site.

Viper has released The Road To Despair beta version 0.6. There are now 19 new levels (12 were in the previous version).

As I said previously, it's a difficult set with good level design and well placed guards. Plays as an add-on to Project Totengraeber.

Here's another set, this one is brand new and is by Bernt Hansen. It's called Fearwolf. There are 20 levels, and although there are new graphics/sounds (some borrowed - see the text files for info), the atmosphere of the original game remains. Apart from the first level, which includes most of the original first level with some extra areas, the levels are all new. All levels are well designed, though e1l3 is strictly for those who like mazes. Needs the registered set to play.

One upcoming set is Wolffred, by Fred Kenny. Most of the graphics come from Astrostein but several of the actors are from other sources. Ten new levels will be on episode three, but Fred has altered most other levels. Should be ready in a few days. Here's a pic I made...

August 3, 2001.

Parafriction's Neophytes Yahoo Club (see Aug 2) has again been deleted.

James Ingham has started the next version of Project Verdammt. Two levels are already done, and a new one started. The levels aren't like the ones in the old demo, and are a lot bigger. The game has features like in certain levels, certain guards drop obj's like Keys, etc... like on Level 2 the Elite Guard drops the Red Key.


James needs help with the following...

* If you press ESC and go back to the game, you can't see the armour status until you get shot.

** How to make the Pac Man's Blockable Obj's.


Have Explodable/Breakable Obj's.

Make the Pistol a Shotgun, with it's own ammo type.

If anyone can help James with any of the above, please e-mail him at webmaster@extremesoftware.zzn.com.

There are more pics here.

Here's a message from David Gebler...

Please join us for a special one-off Wolf3D Editing Chat on Saturday (Aug 4) at 11pm - 1am GMT. This chat will focus ONLY on editing Wolf3D's source code, and chatters will be free to discuss the code, ask questions, and get advice, etc. THIS IS A ONE-OFF EVENT SO ALERT PEOPLE AND LET'S MAKE IT A SUCCESS! The chat will be held at


August 2, 2001.

David Gebler has returned to the Wolfenstein 3D community and has sent me the following info...

Hey all!

I'm back in the Wolf3D Community again and I'd just like to let you all know that I've created the Wolf3D Editing Club. This is the club for those of you who are SERIOUS about editing Wolf3D, whether it be the graphics, the source code, or whatever. This is also where I'll be posting my new tutorials, etc. and I hope you all do the same!


-David Gebler


Welcome back, David.

Somebody deleted Parafriction's Neophyte Yahoo Club yesterday. It's now back with a slightly different title called Neophytes Of Wolfenstein.

July 29, 2001.

Yet another Wolf 3D Club on Yahoo!! This one is by Parafriction and is called Neophyte Of Wolfenstein.

There's a preview of Return To Castle Wolfenstein at Gamespot UK. Thanks to x-human and The Dopefish Club for this info.

July 25, 2001.

The problem listed July 22 regarding The Sorcerer's Wrath has been fixed. Luke has now released a one level beta version of the set. Get it here.

July 22, 2001.

Luke Strauman's game The Sorcerer's Wrath is on ice right now due to the following error...

Wolfenstein 3d Error!

PML_GiveLRUPage: LRU search failed

Please call Apogee.... etc.etc.

If anyone knows how to remove this error please email Luke at boytoy_east@hotmail.com.

John Bucksnort sent me some pics from his upcoming set So You Wanna be An Assassin? Here's one of them...

There's a whole bunch of them here.

Jack Ryerson has created a challenging Wolfenstein Trivia to test our skills and knowledge of the game. Chris Chokan has posted it on his site at Herc's Super Chokage Page.

July 21, 2001.

Not much news this week so I updated my Other Games page. Hopefully, all the links now work.

Gmond is building a collection of add-on pics. They are at Aftermath-gaming.net.

July 13, 2001.

John Bucksnort's upcoming Spear of Destiny set will feature 5 separate assassination scenarios, source code changes and sounds (some from Hogan's Heroes) like in New Evil. The actual title is So You Wanna be an Assassin?

Pablo Dictter has released a new two level demo from his upcoming set ...And Death Came Along. As with Pablo's other sets there are no new graphics, but the levels are well designed and there's a new exe file. More levels will follow later. You can get it from Pablo's Place - Wolfenstein Site. The original full version of Wolf 3D is required.

James Ingham has 4 new URL's for his web site. They are:





July 8, 2001.

The yellow key was missing from level 6 of The New Evil. John Bucksnort has now posted a corrected version on his site, and I have too here. For those who already have the original set, here's a small patch containing just the updated level maps.

Pablo's Place - Wolfenstein Site has moved.


July 7, 2001.

William Hooper has released his first set, called World War 3. There are ten well designed levels (first episode), plus a number of graphics modifications. Here a pic from the opening level...

You can download it here. The full version of Wolf3D is also required.

Ole Bekkelund has remade his site and it's now on a new url. It's at http://home.no.net/olewolf.

Another site revamp has been done by Parafriction. His new site is now renamed TFS 2001.

James Ingham's latest site is at James Wolfenstein 3-D Site. This one reverts back to the design of his original site.

July 3, 2001.

Merijn Heijnen has two pics from his upcoming set Red Alert 2...


Hot on the heels of From Schabb's Hand, here's another set by Pablo Dictter. This one is titled Escape! and has ten new levels. As with Pablo's earlier set, this one is well designed and in the style of the originals. There's also a new exe file which looks a little weird with the version of Wolf3D I used, but others have said it works fine with theirs. You can get the set from Pablo's Place - Wolfenstein Site. The original full version of Wolf 3D is required.

July 1, 2001.

John Bucksnort has released his new 21 level set The New Evil. There are many features including some Spear graphics, source code changes, many new sounds and a changed music order. The levels are in one continous episode, and are of very good design and quite challenging. The first 9 levels come from John's Evil in Iron set, the remaining levels are new. Ken O'Brien, Paul Gibson and myself each made a level for this set. Others have contributed to the graphics and a full list of credits is in the text file. You can download it here, or at John Bucksnort's Wolf 3D Page.

This month's SPEAR OF DESTINY FAN CLUB Spear Of Excellence Award goes to Barry Christian for The Wolfenstein 3D Vault. Well deserved, Barry.


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