Kurs Lubeck

by John Bucksnort and Parafriction


With the collapse of the Reich, the German war machine

melted down. Without the strict leadership of the

Fuhrer, chaos slipped into the remains of the Reich.

The randomly selected government, helpless in the face

of events, crumbled rapidly. Anxious to avoid Allied

Superiority, the Wehrmacht stepped in and assumed

power. Under the strict command of the new Fuhrer,

Karl Biberach (called Fettgesicht by his enemies),

order returned to the Reich. The people of Germany,

still haunted by uncertainty, sullenly accepted the

new government without recall.


Karl Biberach, as the new Fuhrer of Germany, began to

re-establish the weapon creation facilities and

started new training programs for SS, SA and

Hitlerjugend. With this swift and amibitous rearmament

program, the Reich was again ready for battle within 3



Thanks to the secret vault of war journals in Berlin,

the plans for the latest German technology during the

war, recovered and advanced weapons came in

production. U-boats with higher speeds and firepower

started patrolling the Atlantic again. Heavy tanks

were sent to France. The war, just after it's seemed

end, has started again.


The new Fuhrer now turned attention to Switzerland.

Within 2 days it was taken over, despite the fact that

Switzerland was a neutral country in the war days.

German troops poured to other borderlands as well.

With these grim tidings the Germans had good cards on

their side.


The weapon factories in Bremen and Danzig, the

factories with the highest production rate, were

bombed by the Allies in hopes of stopping the new

Fuhrer. But Biberach, as cunning as Hitler was, simply

opened 3 new factories in Schleswig-Holstein, up in

the high north of Germany. To be more exact, in

Lubeck. Home of an ancient castle by the name of

"Festung Fenderborn". This place was ideal; no

villages, no farms, just mountains everywhere. After 3

months of work, the weapon factory network is done.

Settled around Fenderborn, the factories are under

heavy security.


The Allies watched these developments with shock and

surprise. The Reich, shortly ago brought back to a

minor thread, had risen up again. If not acted

quickly, the Allied High Command realised, the war

would take in Europe again. So they decided to send in

their best man. You.


You are William Joseph Blazcowickz, B.J. for friends.

With 24 years the youngest hero of the Allied Cause.

Your exploits during the war are the stuff that

legends are made of. Capturing the "Spear of Destiny", and

thereby denying Hitler a decided psychological advantage

when the Reich was at its peak. Escaping from Castle Wolfenstein

and eliminating key members of the Nazi hierarchy

in the process, including the maniacal Dr. Schabbs.

You'd even assaulted Hitler's own stronghold and taken on

Adolf himself. To say you'd put a dent in the Nazi's schemes is an



Your mission is to infiltrate the network by force,

get rid of any high-ranked officer around and

eventually take the new Fuhrer down. And return

safely, ofcourse. Allied High Command counts on you

B.J. The fate of the world is once again in your

hands. Fight hard out there.




Levels 1-6 Erdbach facility

The first installation in the Lubeck-Network. This is

a less-guarded facility that creates hand-held weapons

like Lugers and MP 40s. You start at the slimey,

inhabited parts of the installation(which was actually

built on top of a church dating back from 1600). From

here you'll have to enter the main factory silos. On

floor 6 you'll face Franz Helmstedt, general of the SS

and owner of this factory. Be warned, he packs twin



Level 7 Felsendampf Tunnel

This dark and eerie place leads to the Untertau

facility. You'll have to traverse this damp, cold

floor before getting into the cellars of the Untertau



Levels 8-13 Untertau Facility

With a mere thousand weapons made a month, the

Untertau Facility is the biggest of the 2 facilities.

Besides the fact that it's full of machinery from

bottom to top, it looks more like an high-class office

than a factory. Be warned - besides Nazi architecture

and machinery, there are also various SS, HitlerJugend

and Gestapo waiting for you! On floor 15 you'll meet

Bernd Habermann, Feldwebel of the Gestapo and owner of

the Untertau Facility. This cranky fella totes twin

chainguns, so watch your step!


Levels 14 Dunkelwasser Tunnel

The second tunnel within the network. From here you'll

enter the cellars of Festung Fenderborn.


Levels 15-20: Festung Fenderborn

The final destination of your journey. This fortress

with mostly underground areas is the headquarters of

the new Fuhrer, Fettgesicht(Karl Biberach). Be careful

in here, as it's the most heavily guarded fortress in

Germany. On floor 20 you'll meet Biberach in person.

He packs a punch plus a rocket launcher. Be careful!


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