Here's the exchange of emails between Adam and Kenny concerning the deletion of Adam's site...

Brian, I'm sure you've seen the site that says I destroyed his site. Well I have something you can make into a text file and put it on you news page for the explanation why this guy is full of shit. Anyway here's the message:

Okay this guy named Adam had a wolf site and he ripped my whole source code section off so I e-mailed him and this is the e-mail:


I went to your page today and I saw your source code section. You have some tutorials that I wrote and they are a rip off of mine that you altered. All you had to do was e-mail me and ask but you didn't do that. Now since you just took it without asking take my tutorials off of your page and no don't ask if you can use them because the answer is no. Be creative and make your own stuff.


Okay he replied with:

"The decision was made earlier this morning to delete my internet site. This was a decision partly due to the email you sent me and due to a decision of my friends at school. My site was never meant to be a 'proper' wolfenstein site it was only meant to be an experiment with my skills on frontpage 98. I only put a bit of the source code section on my site and I think you should also tell the other people that steal your tutorials to get them of their site as well. The whole of the web site should be gone by 12:00am. You seemed to be a person who wouldn't mind if I used some of your tutorials, Sorry for any inconvienience and i think you did the right thing by telling me. I provided a link on my site but maybe that wasn't enough"

Okay his site is now offline, on the bottom of his page it said "Kindly ripped from the Wolf3D Mansion" anyways here's the link to his page:

He says I destroyed his site. That is a total lie, I told him to take off my tutorials so this guy does not know

What he's talking about.



Thanks for puttin this on your news page, I want to clear this up.




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