The Wolfenstein 3D Dome Wallpaper Contest


*Everyone who wants, creates his own perfect Wolfenstein or Spear related wallpaper using screenshots of the game, VGA or VSWAP images, website images, whatever he can think of. Just do what makes him think that will make his wallpaper stand out.

*Everyone can make as many wallpapers as he likes.

*Every wall paper should be 800 pixels wide and 600 pixels tall. This is because the desktop uses this size for a perfect view.

*Wallpapers may not be edited already sent-in images(for instance, when someone sends in a 'get psyched' wallpaper, I can't send in the same wallpaper with an id logo to it. A wallpaper has to be totally different from the others. That doesn't mean someone may not use graphics from other wallpapers for their own!).

*Swastikas in wallpapers are fine; just don't overload the wallpapers with them. The topic is Wolfenstein, not Nazism.

*Every wallpaper will stay available at the Wolfenstein 3D Dome. Every wallpaper that gets sent in, will be posted directly.

*Correspondation about the results or vote amounts per wallpaper is NOT possible.

*Contest will durate 1 month or until 30 wallpapers are sent in. After that, everyone can mail through their top 5 of best wall papers to Brian. More details at the Dome under "Contests".

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